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Corporate Loan 100% online

Peer-to-peer Online Loans, where any Individual or Legal Person can directly finance Small and Medium Enterprises.” Be able to count on a fast and secure credit for your company without needing a bank. It sounds like a dream, but it’s a reality. This has become real thanks to the peer to peer loan model or P2P lending that platforms like Camir Lending provide. For numerous reasons, companies that are starting now need loans to keep their business running.

These peer-to-peer loans that are succeeding, also called collectives, enable a connection between the investors who carry out the loans with those who need credit. This model is a facilitator for those who find it difficult to obtain money from more traditional financial institutions such as banks. In fact, few people get these loans from more traditional financial institutions.

Often, some impediments make companies have a certain type of difficulty in meeting their financial commitments. The companies considered of medium and small size are the ones that suffer the most to obtain loan. It is precisely in this niche that Camir Lending acts and offers credit in an easy way and without bureaucracies.

What is peer to peer loan?

What is peer to peer loan?

 Check out how Camir Lending provides online and peer loans (peer to peer)

Many questions can arise about peer to peer model loans. With our information below, you will understand perfectly how this loan model works. It facilitates the connection of the credit takers with the possible investors of your business. The borrower does not have to fill as many required bureaucracies as he would have to do with a bank financial institution.

Loans from this credit model enable people to borrow from each other without the intermediary of a bank. Prior to the emergence of this credit model, companies were able to borrow only from more traditional banking institutions. Because it had exorbitant interest rates, the default was huge. On the contrary, peer to peer loans offer much lower interest than these institutions.

How does Camir Lending work?

How does Camir Lending work?

Camir Lending is a company that offers p2p lending loan where both individuals and corporations can finance small and medium sized businesses.

Individuals will have investments in fixed income considered the best in the market, where the financial return exceeds those of banks, credit security and traditional brokerage houses.

Interest rates, guarantees and payment terms are also very attractive to companies, surpassing traditional financial and conventional banks.

Camir Lending Interest Rates

The interest rates applied on peer to peer lending loans are considered to be the lowest in the market. While banks profit from horrors at the extremely high interest rates they charge, Camir Lending offers the smallest and most affordable banks on the market.

Because they are low and affordable, individuals and small and medium-sized companies can apply for this type of credit and pay without major problems.

Return on investment is 140% to 190% and financing costs are 1.15% per month.

If you want to apply for a loan, but have not yet been able to do so because of the numerous impediments and bureaucracy, you can find in Camir Lending a good solution.

Advantages and disadvantages of peer to peer lending

Advantages and disadvantages of peer to peer lending

Although it is fashionable among the loans requested by companies and individuals , it is important for you to know all the information pertaining to the peer to peer credit model, investigating its advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of this type of loan is the inexistence of bureaucracies, because they do not have a physical agency, practically all the processes are done online, also reducing the costs of the services offered and, there, we have another advantage: of interest.

Often we need some extra money to continue some personal project or even to expand the business of the company and we do not know how to act, which loan to borrow.

Another advantage noted and winning customers who need credit is the speed with which transactions are made. In traditional models, the process of releasing credit is very time-consuming. Having a fast service is great for anyone who wants to expand their business and grow economically.

Peer to peer lending , although it does not have large bureaucracies, is still a reason for mistrust regarding its security, since the whole process is done online.

The most important disadvantage of this type of transaction lies precisely in the environment in which this transaction occurs. Many people still do not fully trust virtual environments to carry out their financial operations, so they stop asking for this type of loan, but tools like Camir Lending are totally safe and reliable.

Camir for Investors in peer to peer

Peer to peer does not only attract people who want loans, peer to peer is a flowery field for individual investors or groups that have a profile of investors who want or not to take the risk of lending money to potential borrowers.

Collective loans are funded by several different investors and as the repayment of the loan is made monthly, a portion of the repayment goes back to each of the different investors involved with the loan.

The most interesting in this mode of investment is the ability to diversify when investing in P2P loans and has attracted all sorts of investors, from savvy investor to those who are just beginning to invest.

Loan Simulation at Camir Lending

Loan Simulation at Camir Lending

So far, it is not possible to do the real-time loan simulation on Camir’s website. However, before applying for your loan, you can contact us by completing the form available on the website with all your questions about the loan you are requesting.

The Camir Lending service team is trained and specialized in this subject. Of course, if you have any questions, it will be clear. Get to know this model of loans that does not stop growing!

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Can I cancel my payday loan agreement?

You may be able to terminate your payday loan agreement from the date you signed it, or if the lender breached the rules.

Two days delay

Two days delay

You can cancel your payday loan agreement at any time within two business days of the date you signed it, until the end of the second business day. For example, if you signed your agreement on Wednesday morning at 11:00 am, you have until the end of the day on Friday, at the closing of the lender’s institution, to terminate it.

If the establishment is closed on the second day, then you have until the end of the next day it is open to terminate your agreement. For example, if you got your loan on Friday and the property is closed on Sunday, you have until the end of the day on Monday to terminate your agreement. If you got your loan on Saturday and the property is closed on Sunday, you still have until Monday to cancel your agreement.

This two-day period is called the reflection period. You always have a cooling-off period, even if your loan agreement does not mention it.

When you cancel your agreement, you do not need to explain why.

In addition, you must repay the borrowed money, but you do not have to pay any fees or interest.

After two days

After two days

After the two-day period, the loan agreement can only be terminated if the lender has not complied with the rules, for example:

  • if he did not give you a copy of the agreement right after you signed it;
  • if he has not given you the money since the signing of the agreement if you have signed it in his establishment;
  • if he has not given you the money within one hour after the conclusion of the agreement if you have made it online or by telephone.

You may also terminate your agreement if it does not contain all the required information.

However, you can not terminate it if all the rules have been followed. You must repay the amount borrowed and the fees charged by the lender. If you can not repay the loan, talk about your options to a credit counselor at a non-profit agency.

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Online payday loans no credit check direct lenders -I need a payday loan

The number of unemployed is significantly higher since the economic crisis. Many people can work fewer hours, have no contract extension, or for another reason suddenly come face to face with accounts that they can not pay. It is important in such a situation that there is another solution to temporarily have extra money. In many cases, a loan is chosen. However, you do need the right lender, since it is not possible to lend without work to every loan provider.

I need a payday loan from a direct lender


Fortunately, there are payday lenders like Bridge and you may apply for online payday loan with different rules. They only provide small loans and want to ensure that borrowing a small amount remains possible for everyone. This means that you often have to take into account a lot fewer things and you can also close the loan quickly and easily.


Conditions for borrowing 

Of course, this does not mean that there are no conditions at all that you have to take into account. For alternative lenders, there are also measures to ensure safety. In any case, you always have to deal with the legal conditions. This means that you must be at least 21 years old and must have a fixed amount of income. In addition, additional conditions may apply, such as paperwork or credit checks. Since the conditions may differ per provider, it is extra important that you read these conditions carefully and do not take unnecessary risks.

Points of interest when borrowing 

If you want to be extra knowledgeable about what is and is not possible, it may be useful to check the following points before you take out a loan:
– Always check whether the lender in question is affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce
– Compare the conditions of the provider with those of other providers to form a realistic picture of what is possible
– View experiences of others with that particular loan provider
– Never borrow more than necessary.

Borrow directly without 

Are you interested in quickly borrowing a small amount through these lenders? This is already possible by filling in the form online and waiting for your application to be confirmed. Always ensure that you are sure in advance that you can have the borrowed money available again on time and that safety is always a priority. Depending on which provider you have chosen you can quickly expect money on your account, sometimes even the same day.

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Typical reasons for rejecting loan for the self employed

Credit rejection often without justification by the bank!

Credit rejection often without justification by the bank!

If the desired self-employed loan is not granted, the applicant always asks why. But this is exactly where the problem starts, because as a rule, the loan cancellation takes place without any explanation of the specific reasons. With this anything but customer-friendly behavior of the bank, this wants to elude any discussion with the loan seeker.

The concrete reasons for the rejection of credit for self-employed can nevertheless be determined, if one analyzes the credit conditions of the bank! The typical requirements for a self-employed loan are as follows:

  1. Result from business evaluation is positive
  2. Average income in relation to the requested loan amount is sufficient
  3. several years of successful self-employment
  4. depending on the bank additional collateral such as guarantee

No standardized procedure for the loan for the self-employed!

In contrast to employee credit, banks often do not have a standardized audit procedure for self-employment loans. As a result, the above 4 criteria are handled very differently by different banks. For example, the assessment of the positive business evaluation of different banks can be very different. The same applies to the question of a sufficient average income in relation to the desired loan amount as well as the successful professional activity over, 2, 3 or more years. There are also very different conditions for additional collateral, depending on the bank. This makes it very clear that the self-employed is well advised to obtain an offer from at least 2 to 3 commercial banks. The collection of several offers is worthwhile, because the credit comparison proves to be particularly lucrative for self-employed people.

Typical reasons for declining the loan for the self-employed:

  • Business evaluation: sales and profits too low.
  • Requested loan amount too high in relation to the average income
  • Self-employment less than 2 years
  • No or too little collateral
  • Debt already too high
  • negative Private credit evaluation
  • Area of ​​activity is considered risky
  • Qualification of the applicant is criticized

Crowdlending as an alternative to the bank!

What to do if all else fails and no credit can be made despite multiple requests? Crowdlending as an option for obtaining credit is hardly known to many self-employed. Crowdlending is the term used to refer to loans brokered through an online platform that are given by individuals to other individuals (the self-employed, entrepreneurs, freelancers, founders, etc.) or companies. Crowdlending takes place on online credit marketplaces such as moneyor or creditend, which charge a fee for their brokerage activities.

Especially for small loan amounts – typically for self-employed people – crowd lending platforms are interesting alternatives to the bank. Many self-employed people do not know that traditional banks can offer a credit cancellation despite a good credit rating, as the bank’s lending business does not pay off.

Self-employed, tradespeople and freelancers 95% did not know that…

  1. … you should inform yourself about the credit requirements in detail, before you go to the bank or online!
  2. … Company leasing is a suitable alternative to normal corporate lending if there is no equity or otherwise tied up, or if the lines of credit are not to be charged further.
  3. … with the financial portal inancingent the credit chances increase at least 100% compared to the house bank and can save over 30% interest? More: SME tip: 100% higher credit chances and 30% interest savings!
  4. … Factoring as a credit alternative for medium-sized companies is not only an interesting solution in times of crisis!
  5. … inancingent can also be used to optimize commercial real estate financing.
  6. … the FinTech iwoca makes short-term bridging loans up to € 100,000 possible within a few hours and thus within one working day!
  7. … a financially strong guarantor definitely increases your credit chances?
  8. … the purpose of the loan may also be of importance in the credit decision of the bank.

Everything else about loans for the self-employed, freelancers, founders, entrepreneurs, tradesmen and small companies can be found in our practice guide loans for small businesses and the self-employed.

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