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Peer-to-peer Online Loans, where any Individual or Legal Person can directly finance Small and Medium Enterprises.” Be able to count on a fast and secure credit for your company without needing a bank. It sounds like a dream, but it’s a reality. This has become real thanks to the peer to peer loan model or P2P lending that platforms like Camir Lending provide. For numerous reasons, companies that are starting now need loans to keep their business running.

These peer-to-peer loans that are succeeding, also called collectives, enable a connection between the investors who carry out the loans with those who need credit. This model is a facilitator for those who find it difficult to obtain money from more traditional financial institutions such as banks. In fact, few people get these loans from more traditional financial institutions.

Often, some impediments make companies have a certain type of difficulty in meeting their financial commitments. The companies considered of medium and small size are the ones that suffer the most to obtain loan. It is precisely in this niche that Camir Lending acts and offers credit in an easy way and without bureaucracies.

What is peer to peer loan?

What is peer to peer loan?

 Check out how Camir Lending provides online and peer loans (peer to peer)

Many questions can arise about peer to peer model loans. With our information below, you will understand perfectly how this loan model works. It facilitates the connection of the credit takers with the possible investors of your business. The borrower does not have to fill as many required bureaucracies as he would have to do with a bank financial institution.

Loans from this credit model enable people to borrow from each other without the intermediary of a bank. Prior to the emergence of this credit model, companies were able to borrow only from more traditional banking institutions. Because it had exorbitant interest rates, the default was huge. On the contrary, peer to peer loans offer much lower interest than these institutions.

How does Camir Lending work?

How does Camir Lending work?

Camir Lending is a company that offers p2p lending loan where both individuals and corporations can finance small and medium sized businesses.

Individuals will have investments in fixed income considered the best in the market, where the financial return exceeds those of banks, credit security and traditional brokerage houses.

Interest rates, guarantees and payment terms are also very attractive to companies, surpassing traditional financial and conventional banks.

Camir Lending Interest Rates

The interest rates applied on peer to peer lending loans are considered to be the lowest in the market. While banks profit from horrors at the extremely high interest rates they charge, Camir Lending offers the smallest and most affordable banks on the market.

Because they are low and affordable, individuals and small and medium-sized companies can apply for this type of credit and pay without major problems.

Return on investment is 140% to 190% and financing costs are 1.15% per month.

If you want to apply for a loan, but have not yet been able to do so because of the numerous impediments and bureaucracy, you can find in Camir Lending a good solution.

Advantages and disadvantages of peer to peer lending

Advantages and disadvantages of peer to peer lending

Although it is fashionable among the loans requested by companies and individuals , it is important for you to know all the information pertaining to the peer to peer credit model, investigating its advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of this type of loan is the inexistence of bureaucracies, because they do not have a physical agency, practically all the processes are done online, also reducing the costs of the services offered and, there, we have another advantage: of interest.

Often we need some extra money to continue some personal project or even to expand the business of the company and we do not know how to act, which loan to borrow.

Another advantage noted and winning customers who need credit is the speed with which transactions are made. In traditional models, the process of releasing credit is very time-consuming. Having a fast service is great for anyone who wants to expand their business and grow economically.

Peer to peer lending , although it does not have large bureaucracies, is still a reason for mistrust regarding its security, since the whole process is done online.

The most important disadvantage of this type of transaction lies precisely in the environment in which this transaction occurs. Many people still do not fully trust virtual environments to carry out their financial operations, so they stop asking for this type of loan, but tools like Camir Lending are totally safe and reliable.

Camir for Investors in peer to peer

Peer to peer does not only attract people who want loans, peer to peer is a flowery field for individual investors or groups that have a profile of investors who want or not to take the risk of lending money to potential borrowers.

Collective loans are funded by several different investors and as the repayment of the loan is made monthly, a portion of the repayment goes back to each of the different investors involved with the loan.

The most interesting in this mode of investment is the ability to diversify when investing in P2P loans and has attracted all sorts of investors, from savvy investor to those who are just beginning to invest.

Loan Simulation at Camir Lending

Loan Simulation at Camir Lending

So far, it is not possible to do the real-time loan simulation on Camir’s website. However, before applying for your loan, you can contact us by completing the form available on the website with all your questions about the loan you are requesting.

The Camir Lending service team is trained and specialized in this subject. Of course, if you have any questions, it will be clear. Get to know this model of loans that does not stop growing!

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