After six hours of freedom, a bear wandering around Dorval captured by animal control


At around 1 p.m. on Sunday, Montreal police received calls about a bear spotted free in Dorval. Six hours and four tranquilizer darts later, the animal was safely captured.

After receiving reports of the bear wandering in the backyards of the West Island neighborhood, police launched a search operation and warned residents to stay inside.

Animal control services were called in to assist police as they rushed over and tried to calm the bear, which had taken refuge in a tree.

The bear was hit with two darts before escaping and walking away.

The bear was stuck in a tree on Sunday afternoon. (Kolya Hubacek-Guilbault / Radio-Canada)

After its initial flight, a security perimeter was established in the area.

The bear was found in another tree, shot with two more darts and fell asleep, reports Radio-Canada.

Once asleep, animal control was able to safely capture the bear.

‘He appeared all of a sudden’

William Weston, who lives on Lake Avenue in Dorval, saw the bear twice in his neighbor’s yard.

The first time was shortly after the police arrived at the scene.

“I went to our attic floor where there is a window, trying to see if I can see it. And as I was looking in my neighbor’s yard, … she suddenly appeared.

Weston said after taking the photo, he opened the window and yelled at police about his location.

“They were frantically trying to get to the corral,” he said. “And then I saw him go up a tree.”

The bear was seen after escaping the clutches of police and animal control officers. (Submitted by William Weston)

The next time he spotted the bear, he had run away from the tree and had a dart sticking out from his side.

We do not yet know where the bear came from.

According to the Écomusée de Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, the bear is not one of their animals.

They only have one bear, a spokesperson confirmed, and it’s justified.

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