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Krista Ford Haynes, daughter of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, is going to have an interesting family conversation for Thanksgiving dinner.

On Tuesday, Krista issued another serious warning against governments that impose vaccine passports, urging people to “wake up collectively” and not be obedient and unconditional.

The next day, his father, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, launched passports for the COVID-19 vaccine, forcing people to choose between taking the vaccine or losing many of their most basic freedoms. He claimed that the passports are temporary.

Of course they are. And 14 days would flatten the curve. No government gives up the control it takes. When COVID eventually passes, the powers of the newly established government will be turned elsewhere.

The daughter defends freedoms, dad seizes them. Some who despise Premier Dad’s bossy decrees say the wrong family member is running Ontario.

Ford family reunions can’t be fun. Hope they are friendly. It’s not always the case.

COVID-19’s polarizing views on forced masking, lockdowns, vaccines and mandatory vaccine passports are dividing and destroying families and friendships.

Screaming matches and brawls over masks and social distancing aren’t limited to Walmart aisles among strangers.

Relatives almost come, or maybe do, come to blows at the table before the soup cools. This only happens when the government allows them to visit between intermittent closures.

Everyone is ready to fall on their swords, convinced that their side, whatever it is, is only just and righteous.

Haynes, 30, is an anti-vax crusader. Insults are thrown at him. The indignation asks it is signaled. She has been called “ignorant”. It boils the “blood” of people.

The fiery Haynes will not shy away from the views some say are extreme.

Haynes, with thousands of followers, delivered his latest post in a video posted to Instagram after the federal election.

“Hello everyone. Good Tuesday. As we would all expect, the Liberal government won last night with a minority government,” Haynes said.

The Liberals will continue to “take away our freedoms one day at a time,” she said.

Haynes has long warned that forced masking was a stepping stone to vaccine passports. She was laughed at. Few people laugh now.

Passports are here. Alberta succumbed, despite Premier Jason Kenney’s solemn vow to fight valiantly against the federal government if it forced it to do so. Then he did a 180 and imposed them with a vengeance.

Now, Haynes warns that vaccine passports are a stepping stone to more controls and lost freedoms.

“When I posted in May or June of last year about the upcoming mask and not comply mandates, that’s why I wanted people to urge people not to comply,” he said. she declared.

“We found out right away that the masks weren’t effective at all depending on how people wore them and reviewed them, and it could actually have made it worse for some people and made it worse for some groups. of age today. . “

“It was, but we complied, we complied. We could have dismounted collectively, and we did not.

So, has the worst happened?

“You think it will only be cinemas, restaurants, gymnasiums. This is the first step. The first step. They will take it all. They are going to take it all and we have allowed it.

Australians wore their masks and obeyed “temporary” lockdown orders. The former penal colony, which has become one of the freest countries, has become an effective police state. Citizens face the most extreme bottlenecks in the world. Police fired rubber bullets on a crowd of 400 unarmed and peaceful protesters on Wednesday against the severe lockdowns and vaccine passports.

Chaos erupts around the world. People fear that the pandemic “mandates” have turned into a grim takeover of their lives in order to advance ever greater government control.

Many lose their jobs for no good reason.

Citizens are furious that their children are being abused, being forced to wear masks with little evidence that they are effectively preventing the transmission of COVID.

The United States Food and Drug Administration has recommended emergency use of Pfizer’s (third) booster vaccine six months after full vaccination for the elderly and at high risk. He rejected a request for approval of booster injections for all Americans 16 years of age and older. They will come back to that.

Haynes urged people to ask questions, discuss, research. She, like others who advocate this, is ridiculed, attacked, discredited, even fired.

Their detractors just want everyone to obey the last orders and shut up.

Fear, anger and mistrust of this curse called COVID-19 prevail. There is little common ground.

Doctors who question official doctrine are fired, humiliated and now, in some cases fired.

Asking questions is a good thing. Complying blindly is not.

Slobodian is the Manitoba Senior Columnist for the Western Standard
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