Canada Morning Brief: 8 things you need to know for October 4

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On top : Watch below! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went bungee jumping in Quebec over the weekend to celebrate his son’s birthday – the most precipitous drop we’ve seen from a G7 leader since the UK has elected Liz Truss.

1. The gap between the richest and poorest Canadians is widening

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, income inequality in the country is the worst since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The richest 10% of the population controlled 41.2% of Canada’s disposable income in the second quarter of 2022, reports Willa Holt of MTL Blog. Here’s what you need to know – including a silver lining for those under 65.

  • In numbers : Overall, the richest 40% of Canadians controlled 64.4% of the country’s disposable income in the second quarter of 2022. On the other hand, the poorest 40% of the population controlled less than a fifth disposable income.

2. François Legault’s CAQ annihilates pretenders to Quebec supremacy

With the ballots in all 125 ridings now counted, it is clear that the nationalist Coalition Avenir Québec has surged toward re-election as the province’s majority government under leader François Legault. The CAQ won 90 seats in the National Assembly of Quebec with just under 41% of the overall vote, well ahead of the Liberal Party, which will form the official opposition with 21 seats. Sofia Misenheimer breaks down the results — and why the huge CAQ night came as no surprise.

3. Ontario public education workers overwhelmingly voted to strike

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is urging the Ontario provincial government to return to the bargaining table after its education workers voted overwhelmingly to strike. More than 80% of CUPE’s 55,000 union members in education voted, with 96.5% approving the work stoppage as a way to bring about change. Among the main problems, reports Patrick John Gilson, are stagnating wages and staff cuts. Learn more here.

  • Wait what? No, the vote does not mean that education workers in Ontario are now officially on strike, nor does it guarantee that the operation of schools will be disrupted – but it is clear that things seem to be going in this direction if CUPE and the Ford government do not find common ground.
  • In his words: “This vote is about education workers across Ontario demonstrating our resolve to support these proposals and fight for a decent wage increase after ten years of real wage cuts and for staffing levels and student safety. services that students need,” said the Ontario School Boards Council. Union President Laura Walton.

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What else you need to know today

The minimum wage increased in six provinces on October 1, including Ontario, three Maritime provinces and two Prairie provinces. Janice Rodrigues details where each province and territory currently stands, including the highest minimum wage in Canada.

If you’re planning a trip to the nation’s capital this fall, be sure to budget for a day of sightseeing in the Ontario and Quebec countryside. Megan Johnson has dug up a list of nine cute little towns near Ottawa that will have you wondering if you’ve inadvertently stumbled across a painting by Thomas Kinkade.

McDonald’s launch of a new Happy Meal for adults in the US is turning heads for its innovative method of tricking adult humans into exchanging money for small pieces of plastic. Our correspondent in Georgia, Maeve Brown, picked one up for the team and actually bought the limited-time special to see if the quick dose of nostalgia was worth the extra $3.

No need to set sail for New Zealand to discover the Lord of the Rings– quality decorations. As Ashley Harris notes, there’s no shortage of breathtaking hikes in British Columbia, resplendent with massive mountain vistas, towering trees and magical waterfalls. As JRR Tolkien wrote, “Not all who wander are lost.”

Happy 33rd birthday to Dakota Johnson, owner of the funniest version of NFTs. Former NBA MVP Derrick Rose is 34. Melissa Benoist, a former television superhero wearing spandex, is 34 years old. clueless star Alicia Silverstone is 46? As if! Hollywood heavyweight Liev Schreiber is 55. James Bond antagonist Christoph Waltz is 66 years old. Susan Sarandon is 76 years old. The great comic legend Buster Keaton was born on this day in 1895.

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