Canada’s rising star sticks to his guns on stimulus (podcast)


Canada has a well-deserved reputation as “two good shoes” to the world, with a progressive record on civil liberties and a history of upholding its principles in perilous times. The country got through the 2008 financial crisis relatively unscathed, and the country’s Atlantic provinces have been praised for their aggressive measures to stop Covid-19. However, the vaccine’s rollout in Canada has been less successful, with less than 5% of its population fully vaccinated, and leaders like Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland are questioning the country’s preparedness for crises.

In this week’s podcast, host Stephanie Flanders chats with the rising star of Canadian politics, seen as a potential successor to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A former journalist, Freeland has acknowledged that Canada needs to catch up on drug and vaccine manufacturing so as not to rely on other countries. She also defended aggressive tax measures by Canada and other countries to prop up their economies in the face of criticism that they are ignoring the threat of inflation.

The podcast ends with an overview of the surprising cultural dynamics forming around America’s milk and egg supply. Bloomberg farm reporter Elizabeth Elkin tells how producers are fighting to keep chocolate milk in American schools as some farmers bet consumers are willing to pay dearly for eco-friendly eggs.

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