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Golden and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort will host Canada’s top downhill mountain bikers this weekend, as the hill station hosts the Canadian Downhill Mountain Bike Championships.

About 350 elite athletes are expected to spend the weekend at the resort for the championships, which are part of the Dunbar Cycles summer series which hosted events at Fernie Alpine Resort and Panorama Resort last week.

This is the first time that Kicking Horse has organized a championship.

“It’s exciting and a refreshing return to normal, we are excited to host events nationally,” said Matt Clifford, Kicking Horse Events Coordinator.

“We’ve been continuing this since we hosted Crankworx last year, it’s good to have these bigger and more recognized events.”

Preparations for the event will begin on Thursday to build the course and set up the village in the square, with registrations opening on Friday. The course and the entire hill will remain open to the general public at that time for riding.

On Saturday, the course will be closed to the public for the trials of the event and for the classification of the junior and elite events. There will also be a children’s event on Saturday for children 11 and under.

The day of the event is Sunday, with the race taking place in the afternoon.

Crowds are allowed to gather around the village to watch. Viewers can choose to go upstairs to watch, which the station neither encourages nor discourages.

Masks will be mandatory in all buildings in the complex, with the complex requiring everyone to maintain social distancing during events and to remain within your cohorts.

Of the 250 athletes, who will come from across Canada, Clifford says he expects local faces to compete, with the cycling club and Derailed sending athletes to compete.

Additionally, there will be a championship-friendly race, the first time such a race has been held at both the Dunbar Series and National Championships, as well as Kicking Horse.

“It’s a good step in the right direction to include all kinds of runners and give everyone a chance,” said Clifford.

“I think it’s cool to see them let off steam and how they are able to ride even better than me, it’s fascinating to see the bike open up to more people and make it easier on the hill.”

Nine athletes are expected to compete on the course which will start on Cranky Pants and merge with Pioneer.

This is the ninth season of the Dunbar summer series.

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