Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola MP backs Pierre Poilievre as party leader – Kelowna News

Albas supports Poilievre

Conservative MP Dan Albas supports Pierre Poilievre as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Albas, the Central MP for Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola, tweeted, “We are at a critical time for our country, so I’m glad to hear that @PierrePoilievre is running to be our prime minister. He is hardworking, intelligent and an excellent communicator. I am proud to support his candidacy for the head of the @CPC_HQ!

Poilievre is the first Conservative Party member to officially announce he is running for party leadership since Erin O’Toole was ousted earlier this week.

Albas was not one of 73 Tory MPs who voted to oust O’Toole at a caucus meeting last week.

Portage-Lisgar MLA Candice Bergen has been named interim leader of the Conservative Party.

Poilievre tweeted, “I’m running for Prime Minister to give you back control of your life.”

He also posted a video criticizing the current government while showcasing his leadership platform.

“Using COVID as a political opportunity, the Trudeau government has attacked small businesses, truckers and other Canadian workers,” Poilievre said in the video. “Trudeau thinks he’s your boss. He has it upside down. You’re the boss, that’s why I’m running for prime minister, to put you back in charge of your life.

Poilievre also referenced ongoing protests against vaccination mandates and other public health measures that began in Ottawa last week.

Poilievre said he would make Canadians “the free people on earth.”

Poilievre’s announcement quickly garnered support from party members.

Former cabinet minister John Baird said he was “more than happy to support him”, writing Poilievre “has the brains and the spine and will make an excellent prime minister”.

Alberta MP John Barlow was also quick to jump on Poilievre’s bandwagon.

“He understands the issues facing western Canadians,” Barlow said in a video posted to Twitter.

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