Discussions “currently underway” over what the plan to reopen the Canadian border will mean for Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia’s plan to reopen allows travelers from international destinations to begin arriving in Phase 4, which is not expected to go into effect until July 14

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The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness said “discussions are currently underway” about the impact the federal government’s plan to reopen the border will have on our province.

On July 5 at 12:59 a.m. Halifax time, the first step in easing Canada’s border restrictions comes into effect.

Fully vaccinated travelers already eligible to enter Canada – including citizens, permanent residents and those registered under the Indian Act – may forgo the 14-day federal quarantine, including hotel stay government authorized.

They should have received their second dose at least two weeks before arriving and should test negative before boarding the plane and then again on descent. They will also need to have a quarantine plan ready in case this second test is positive.

However, in addition to the federal government’s 14-day quarantine, Nova Scotia currently also requires most people entering the province to self-isolate for two weeks.

Nova Scotia is currently in Phase 2 of its plan to reopen, and effective Wednesday, Atlantic Canadians will be exempt from quarantine.

If all goes well, we’re supposed to come in Phase 3 next Wednesday, June 30. Under the current pattern, at that time, travelers from provinces and territories outside of Atlantic Canada will be allowed in, but will still be required to self-isolate when they arrive here.

It is currently hoped that we will be able to reach Phase 4 July 14, when travelers from international destinations will be allowed to arrive. The reopening plan warns those coming from any destination outside of Atlantic Canada “may still have to self-isolate for 14 days” at this point.

“The period of time you need to isolate yourself may be based on your immunization status and your tests,” says the plan to reopen Nova Scotia.

The province has yet to release specific details.

When asked by HalifaxToday.ca how Canada’s lifting of federal quarantine restrictions in early July could affect Nova Scotia’s reopening schedule, the Department of Health and Wellness replied, “We’re coming. to be informed of today’s announcement by the federal government, ”adding,“ We ​​expect to have more to share on the subject soon. ”

Canadian Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said the government is still urging people not to travel overseas at this time, but noted that border restrictions that began over 15 months ago ” were never designed to be permanent “.

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