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Julianne Johnson says being a registered nurse is “a profession that runs deep in my veins” and “part of my core identity”.

She resigned anyway.

Johnson knew his October 8 resignation letter – which tore apart Alberta Health Services (AHS) berating his betrayal of healthcare workers with a vaccine warrant and sounding the alarm on patient care – could result in his being withdrawn. Licence.

She submitted it anyway, then posted it on her Facebook page.

“They could take away my license by accusing me of spreading false information,” Johnson said Western standard.

“Am I afraid to speak?” Yes. I was attacked by former colleagues. I’m more worried about what will happen to a country I love if I don’t speak up, ”said Johnson, who has worked as a casual nurse since 2013 at five hospitals in Alberta, the latest being Queen Elizabeth 11 in Grande Prairie. .

“It’s about ethics not only to impose the vaccine on all employees, but also the ethics of tolerating doctors forcing it on their patients. They are calling for equitable access for all, but this is not the case. While AHS may not agree with this on paper, they tolerate it.

A firestorm erupted over his letter to AHS officials. Johnson was praised for having the courage to voice widespread fears and frustrations. She sparked “outrage and backlash” from others who saw her concerns as a personal affront and intimidated her with “baseless” accusations.

Johnson refused to embark on a “catfight” that distracted attention from his message.

Johnson when she graduated as a nurse

“I blame it entirely on AHS. They have created a system that will harm patients. If you eliminate the nurses and the doctors who are against it – they will leave, be evicted – especially in rural areas, it will affect access to care.

AHS employees, including frontline healthcare workers, must receive their second dose of COVID-19 by October 16 or be placed on unpaid leave. Many refuse for religious or medical reasons

“I am a person of faith and my faith affects all aspects of my life, but I have received many vaccines in my life.”

Johnson, who contracted COVID-19 in April, will not be vaccinated against COVID-19 and has explicitly explained to AHS why she quit.

“I cannot work ethically for a company that tells the public it is facing an unprecedented crisis requiring lockdowns, while simultaneously threatening to put thousands of healthcare workers and doctors on leave without pay, ”she wrote.

“We have all worked safely, unvaccinated, throughout this pandemic, but now we will all be banned from providing care in our province, simply because of our immunization status. What blatant disregard for our dedication to work, our skills and our education.

“I am truly appalled by AHS ‘incredibly hypocritical treatment of its employees and physicians. Therefore, I cannot and will not work for AHS as long as they impose the COVID-19 vaccine on all their staff with complete and utter disregard for personal choice, medical freedom and informed consent. “

Being coerced under duress and threatened with losing one’s job violates the patient’s autonomy, informed consent and right to refuse.

She says AHS has moved away from patient-centered care, patient autonomy and voluntary informed consent.

“Nursing has always been a way for me to help people make the best decisions possible for their own bodies and their own circumstances. We have been taught over and over again in college to give our patients all the information and support any decision THEY have made, ”she wrote.

“Several nights, I sat on the edge of a patient’s bed or on a chair in a dark room and answered question after question that they had not had time to ask their doctor (s). (s) during morning visits. Countless times I have challenged false assumptions… and offered possible solutions to situations that just hadn’t been addressed before for this person. We used patient-centered care.

“Now we can only say what one side of the problem believes. Now everyone is forced to have the SAME treatment, whether it is life threatening, statistically unnecessary, or can actually help them… This is not what I signed up for. She wrote.

Until now, information sharing has been required in the nursing profession.

“Imagine a healthcare system where new information is stifled if it does not conform to previously held beliefs / information. Quite stagnant at best. At the deadly worst, ”she wrote.

“Now imagine that all the professionals who have the courage to ask unpopular questions, and who are all curious enough to look at the other side of the coin, are all gone. Only those who agree with each AHS term are allowed to stay. Now you have totalitarian health care. Deadly at best. At worst genocidal.

Johnson claimed unvaccinated family members were denied care and berated AHS for it.

“I cannot practice nursing ethically for a business / government that despises (for) patient autonomy,” she wrote.

“I cannot ethically work for a company / government that will deny pacemaker surgery to a patient simply because of their immunization status.

“I cannot ethically work for a company / government that tolerates obstetricians refusing to care for pregnant women and their babies who choose to wait until after birth / breastfeeding to receive a vaccine that is NOT categorized. A during pregnancy, ”she wrote.

Johnson, who comes from a medical family – his father is a doctor – volunteered for medical missions in Sierra, Leon, Congo and Iraq.

“I am concerned about the future of healthcare and what it will look like if people are not ready to stand up and recognize the ethical landslide in which we are intervening. “

An AHS patient care director offered to meet.

“I’m planning a meeting. It’s good to tell people face to face what you believe.

Slobodian is the Manitoba Senior Columnist for the Western Standard

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