Gasoline and diesel prices see slight drop in weekly adjustment

Gasoline prices fell 2.9 cents per liter across much of Newfoundland and Labrador on Thursday. (Alex Lupul/CBC)

Prices for gasoline, diesel and most home heating fuels fell slightly across much of Newfoundland and Labrador on Thursday morning.

The province’s Public Utilities Commission lowered the maximum gasoline price by 2.9 cents per liter Thursday in Newfoundland, Labrador West and Churchill Falls.

Prices in parts of Labrador, including Red Bay Strait, southern Labrador from Lodge Bay to Cartwright and the region’s north and south coasts are unaffected by Thursday’s adjustment.

The change raises the price per liter of self-serve unleaded to $2.135 per liter in the Avalon Peninsula. Prices in central Newfoundland are now at $2.16 per litre, while prices are slightly lower on the west coast of the island, between $2.14 and $2.15 per litre.

Ramea continues to be the most expensive place to fill up on the island at almost $2.26 per litre.

The maximum price per liter in Labrador West is just over $2.20 per litre, while customers in Churchill Falls will pay over $2.22 per litre.

The price of diesel fell 1.2 cents per litre, bringing the price per liter to over $2.36 on the Avalon Peninsula. Prices in Newfoundland range from $2.36 to $2.47 per litre, while prices in Labrador now range from $1.86 to $3.05 per liter in south coast areas where fuel is delivered per barrel.

Furnace oil and heating oil fell by less than one cent per litre, or 0.97 cents, while propane increased by only a tenth of a cent.

Furnace oil prices now range from $1.77 before taxes in Northeast Avalon to $1.95 per liter in the McCallum and Recontre East area of ​​Newfoundland. Fuel oil prices range from $1.82 per liter to $2.46 per liter in parts of Labrador.

The following chart shows how gasoline prices have changed recently at retailers in Newfoundland and Labrador, as reported by users of the website.

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