Morgan Zoe, a graduate of the GPRC Fine Arts program, had her artwork chosen on Purolator packaging in Canada as part of their “Light Up the Holidays” campaign.

His artwork was chosen to represent the Northwest Territories as one of Purolator’s 13 box designs to celebrate emerging artists from the provinces and territories. Morgan was also nominated by an artist whose work was entered in last year’s competition.

“I think people across Canada can relate to the feelings created by the artwork, like the feelings of home, warmth and family,” Morgan said. “I used striking, contrasting colors to make the box stand out and draw the viewer’s eye into the scene.”

After completing the Fine Arts program, Morgan returned to the Northwest Territories to continue working on his art. He is currently in the middle of what he calls his “Mona Lisa”, a 7 ‘by 4.5’ canvas that he has worked almost 240 hours so far.

In an interview with GPRC, Morgan, a member of the Tlicho people, describes his practice as a bit traditional and a bit Aboriginal futuristic. He describes the latter as projecting how Indigenous culture will transform in the years to come. “I think it’s a huge untapped market right now, something like street art in the 2000s.”

Boxes are available for a limited time at Purolator Shipping Centers across the country. To see more of his work, find Morgan Zoe on Instagram.