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More findings on residential schools: We begin today with more distressing news related to the former residential school sites. According to the ʔaq̓am community, which is part of the Ktunaxa Nation, 182 other anonymous graves have been discovered at a third residential school site. They have used ground-penetrating radar technology to search the cemetery at the former St. Eugene Mission School, and are working to identify whether the graves are those of children who attended school, near of Cranbrook, British Columbia.

The news comes as communities and municipalities across the country choose to skip Canada Day celebrations today. As reported by The Canadian Press, “Canadian Heritage is still planning to move forward with virtual Canada Day events like last year, with an online music show featuring English, French and Indigenous artists. , but the flag atop the Peace Tower will be at half mast to honor the Indigenous children who died in residential schools.

In New Brunswick, First Nations communities are now hosting “Resilience Day” events. In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, many people have swapped red for orange this year, as a symbol to recognize and remember the victims of residential schools.

In his Canada Day declaration, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians to “be honest with ourselves about our past.” Here is the position of the other federal party leaders on Canada Day.

RCMP investigating scientists at Winnipeg lab: RCMP are investigating whether the two scientists who were fired from a Winnipeg lab passed Canadian intellectual property over to China, according to The Globe and Mail. The force is investigating whether materials such as plasma DNA molecules, which could be used to recreate vaccines or viruses, have been transferred to Chinese authorities, including the Wuhan Institute of Virology, without the approval of the ‘PHAC. The two scientists moved to China after being made redundant, according to the report.

The PM dodges the electoral question: Prime Minister Trudeau played down suggestions that he is preparing to call an election yesterday. But, when asked if he could pledge not to call an election until a bill banning so-called “conversion therapy” and a bill to put update broadcasting law to law, he replied that he could not say yes. Rather, he suggested that his government try to recall the Senate in the coming weeks.

Lytton (BC) evacuated: The entire village of Lytton, British Columbia, was evacuated yesterday after a fire engulfed the town amid record-breaking days of heat. The mayor said the fire had “engulfed” the city. A separate 350 hectare wildfire is burning just south of the community of 250 people.

British Columbia recorded 486 sudden deaths, almost triple the usual number, during the heatwave. The thermal dome is moving east and will continue to cook the Prairie provinces today.


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Trump Organization faces criminal tax burdens: A Manhattan grand jury indicted the Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg yesterday. Weisselberg will plead not guilty to the tax charges and attended the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Chinese Communist Party celebrates 100 years: It’s a party with a vast propaganda campaign. In a provocative speech at an event, President Xi Jinping warned that foreign powers “will get their heads knocked out” if they attempt to intimidate the country.

Separately, satellite images suggest the country is building more than 100 nuclear missile silos, analysts said. And China has also eliminated malaria in the country.

– “When Kohei Jinno was kicked out from his home to pave the way for the construction of a stadium for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, he was sad but proud to contribute to Japan. But when he was kicked out again in 2013 for Tokyo 2020, it felt like a bitter twist of fate. Reuters has the story.

Elsewhere: Myanmar has released more than 2,000 detainees. The EU is considering legal action against Poland over “LGBT-free” zones. Bill Cosby was released from prison after his conviction for sexual assault was overturned. Britney Spears’ father retains control of his life. Donald Rumsfeld died at 88. Bathing caps for afro hair are excluded from the Olympics. The Tour de France drops its lawsuit after a panel crash.






Today we leave you with the story of Tekaronhiokewe Talon Jacobs, a Two-Spirit teenager from Akwesasne who is doing his part to help normalize the wearing of ribbon skirts.

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