Hurricane Sam Brings Tough Surf Weekend to US East Coast



MIAMI (AP) – Beachgoers along the U.S. east coast should beware of potentially deadly surf and rip currents this weekend as Hurricane Sam heads north, said Wednesday the National Hurricane Center.

Forecasters expect the Category 4 hurricane to stay at sea, but with peak winds of 130 mph (215 km / h), it is already sending dangerous ocean swells to islands hundreds of miles away ( kilometers).

“At the moment we don’t anticipate it will make landfall in coastal areas, but it is certainly a big danger to ships at sea, and again, these swells are impacting much of the sea. West Atlantic ”, Richard Pasch, Senior Specialist, National Hurricane Center. noted.

Sam was located about 455 miles (730 kilometers) east of the northern Leeward Islands, moving northwest at 9 mph (14 km / h), said the hurricane center based in Miami. Hurricane-force winds were extending outward 40 miles (65 kilometers) from its center, with peak winds expected to reach 140 mph (225 km / h) in the coming days.

Forecasters said heavy swells were affecting the Leeward Islands and would spread to parts of the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Bahamas and Bermuda by Thursday or Friday as the storm recedes would curl north. Heavy waves are expected along the beaches of the US east coast and Canada’s Atlantic provinces by the weekend.

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