Latest flooding in Pacific Northwest: Record precipitation kills at least one as Vancouver cuts out | World news

The British Columbia government’s Alert Ready emergency system – which could have sent a mobile alert to all cell phones in the area, as well as cut radio and TV broadcasts with the evacuation alert – is stay quiet.

The government only uses it for tsunamis, so this “catastrophic” event is not eligible.

It was up to the town of Abbotsford to spread the word on its own, with its mayor and local emergency officials holding an impromptu press briefing Tuesday night on the town’s YouTube channel – the makeshift event though far from the enormous reach of the province the largely silent communications apparatus of the government …

British Columbia vowed to expand Alert Ready after summer heat dome killed 595 people, and government came under fire for not doing enough to reach people before the emergency begins to warn them to seek help in cooling centers.

But then the weekend flooding started, and instead of the broadcast system being ready for prime time, it had to undergo a simple “test” message on Wednesday (which was then canceled after the start of the broadcast. the real emergency).

The province released a statement Tuesday evening saying it was “ready and available to broadcast an intrusive alert via the Alert Ready system” but that the “City of Abbotsford has indicated it does not want to issue an alert for the moment”.

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