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Lawrence Lee is a candidate for Red Deer City Council.

Like you, I am a proud Red Deerian. Red Deer raised not only me, but also my wife, Betty, and my two daughters Jessica and Brittany. We were so lucky to have received so much from Red Deer that we can only give back.

You are the reason I started this journey and you are the ones I will continue to defend. It is often said that you have to hold your chosen one up, I say that I will hold you up. Government for the people has always been my mantra; it is your collective voice that builds communities that can change the future of Red Deer. My role, as your elected representative, will be deliberate and intentional in conveying your collective wishes, acting as a bridge for the community and the city council.

My passion for Red Deer started at the Fairview grocery store. From 5 to 17 years old, I worked behind the counter, stocked shelves and learned how important it was to be connected to the community. Back then, if you wanted to hear an opinion or get the latest news, all you had to do was listen to what customers were telling you. I also learned to look for the long haul and not just for the quick win. Planning for Red Deer should be taken from a holistic approach to provide long term sustainability and healthy growth.

My professional career includes serving as the Prairie Provinces Operations Manager within the Jim Pattision Group of Companies, assuming this responsibility after only three years with this organization. I was also fortunate to have participated in The Home Depot’s In-Store Leadership Program, traveling to North America to help grow their business. Then I was Director of Operations Canada for Eye Recommend, a group of over 1,300 independent optometrists covering sites from coast to coast. I also worked as a senior financial analyst in a private equity firm. However, what I am most proud of is investing in Red Deer as a local entrepreneur and community builder. If given the opportunity, I will use my proven track record and experience to highlight Red Deer as a community of choice to live, work and enjoy.

So why choose me to represent you at this next municipal council? Here’s the rationale – with the experience of a city councilor for a second term, I understand what the issues are for Red Deer. Serving the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and building provincial relationships has made it easy for me to navigate federal and provincial politics.

Understanding how to get things done at a table of different opinions is what I do best. For me, it’s not best to win or lose – better is simply better. Please visit my web page at to learn more or email me at [email protected] I humbly ask for your support this October 18, by voting for Lawrence Lee.

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