LETTERS – Rolling back COVID restrictions in Nova Scotia goes against hard evidence

COVID political fatigue

I was greatly impressed with Tim Houston and found him to be compassionate, reasonable and efficient. However, a numbers man like him shouldn’t ignore or bury the data:

  • January 2022, with 35 deaths, was the deadliest month since the pandemic began two years ago.
  • February 2022 with 51 deaths, accounted for 25% of all deaths in Nova Scotia over the past two years, and the deadliest new month. The total death toll exceeded 200.
  • Since the beginning of March, we have had 31 deaths; this trend continues.
  • This means 117 deaths since January 1, this year alone.

There is no downward trend in deaths despite the government’s optimistic version of the “decreasing trend in several key indicators”. (For reference: From August 1 to December 1, 2021 – four months – there were 16 deaths.)

I understand “COVID fatigue” as someone who has lost a relative in New Brunswick during a border closure and as someone whose spouse works in health care with vulnerable patients. What I don’t understand is “COVID political fatigue” – an unwillingness to face the cost in lives any longer.

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs and his neighboring government will no longer even require isolation or masking when infectious, and will stop making all data public. His reckless reversals cost lives.

The measured policies of three different Premiers of Nova Scotia have spared us so far. Abandoning masking is neither supported by science nor advised, given the data that matters.

Infectious disease expert Dr Lisa Barrett said it would lead to more deaths. I hope Houston makes the decision that minimizes unnecessary deaths. The loss of a child, spouse or parent is not just a minor inconvenience, while the masking certainly is.

David Fitzpatrick, Halifax

COVID data drought

I am overwhelmed by Nova Scotia’s recent changes to reporting on COVID.

Information on new cases, deaths and hospitalizations is reported only once a week. The total number of hospitalizations is no longer reported. The area of ​​new cases, as well as the positivity rate, are no longer communicated. There are also fewer briefings by officials where the press can ask questions on behalf of citizens.

It appears that active cases are increasing in the other Atlantic provinces. However, Nova Scotia, unlike most other provinces, is no longer reporting active cases.

Why not keep citizens informed about these issues so they can better protect themselves? This will be more important when masks are not needed. What is the science behind these decisions?

Jan Crocker, Bedford

Nix the markup

Visiting the NSUARB website to look at gasoline prices, I note from their price breakdown that we are still allowing retailers a “margin adjustment” that was put in place in 2021 to offset the reduced travel volumes (and fuel sales) during COVID -19.

Given that the COVID restrictions have ended, perhaps this markup should also be removed.

David G. Smith, Halifax

Seditious manifesto

Subject: Letter from David Rimmington dated March 17, “Incendiary Rhetoric”. A coup is defined as a sudden, violent and illegal seizure of power.

What happened in Ottawa with the truck convoy invasion can be described as a failed coup. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), posted on the Unity Canada website, called for the resignation of all members of the federal government (elected), followed by the formation of a new government consisting of the Governor General, of the Senate and members of Canada. Unit (not elected). The trucks would stay until the document was signed.

The “right to bodily sovereignty” is not even mentioned in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and for good reason. There are times when individuals’ choice over their bodies is seriously detrimental to the body politic.

The association of the term “legacy media” with the word “disinformation” is a common propaganda ploy used by individuals and organizations to spread fake news and sow discontent.

Peggy Smith, Halifax

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