Mask warrants discussion resumes as fourth wave escalates



HALIFAX – Masks have been an integral part of Nova Scotian life for over a year.

“I have my mask, I will continue to wear my mask,” Bill Rennie said. go back.”

Currently, masks are mandatory in indoor public spaces in Nova Scotia. The province had hoped to ditch the masking and other public health measures when it moves to phase five of its plan to reopen on October 4.

Across the country, many other jurisdictions are reinstating mask warrants as another layer of protection against the Fourth Wave.

In a statement Thursday, Health Ministry spokeswoman Marla MacInnis said in part:

“Our public health team is monitoring the experiences in other jurisdictions and our epidemiology very closely to make an informed recommendation on masking to government before moving on to Phase 5. More information will be shared with Nova Scotians at the moment. next week.”

Asked about the masking on Thursday, Prime Minister Tim Houston said “this is a full discussion we’ll have with Dr Strang on what he thinks is best. If he suggests we move on, let’s call it a phase. 5 amended, where the masking remains then he will have our support on that. “

Many people say they won’t mind wearing a mask a little longer if necessary.

“My wife and I left the States where they don’t take it that seriously and it’s good to be somewhere where they take it more seriously,” said Jeffrey Jenkins.

“If it allows us to have other freedoms like moving between provinces, I think it’s a small thing. It’s a bit annoying but it’s good to be able to visit the family and even the CHSLDs, ”said Claire Gabriot.

Parents of young children say wearing a mask is a small price to pay for everyone’s safety.

“I have a two year old girl, she is only really alive for this pandemic and she doesn’t know anything different and she is not vaccinated and she cannot be,” said Shaina Suzanski. “So if I can keep her as safe as possible and other children who also can’t be vaccinated, or people with compromised immune systems, I’ll wear it forever.”

“I have two children at home who are not vaccinated and I am very happy to do whatever I can to protect them,” said Justine Barnhart.

Audrey Flanders, owner of Audrey’s Little Shop of Plants, says she doesn’t expect a business impact if the province decides to keep the mask mandate.

“I think wearing a mask protects us all. And we’ll be happy to continue with anything Nova Scotia recommends for businesses,” Flanders said.


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