Minister Joly highlights the new investment by the Regional Development Agency focused on the Prairies announced in Budget 2021


Budget 2021 is the Government of Canada’s plan to end the fight against COVID-19 and ensure a strong economic recovery that includes all Canadians.

Today, the Honorable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages ​​and Minister responsible for Western Economic Diversification Canada, met with business leaders from the Prairies to discuss the new investment from the Regional Development Agency Focused on the Prairies Budget 2021: A Stimulus Package for Jobs, Growth, and Resilience.

Budget 2021 is a historic investment to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 recession, put people first, create jobs, grow the middle class, put businesses on track for long-term growth and ensure that Canada’s future is healthier, fairer, greener and more prosperous. This includes support for regional economies.

From the start, regional development agencies have helped businesses across Canada overcome the impact of the pandemic. In the West, Western Economic Diversification Canada has played a key role in helping businesses and organizations alleviate the financial pressures caused by COVID-19. However, as Westerners begin to enter the recovery phase, it is essential to put in place a more focused and locally informed federal approach to economic development initiatives that encourage business growth and community resilience.

Budget 2021 will establish a new agency for the Prairie provinces that will play an increased role as an organizer, pioneer, partner, investor and advisor to support economic development in more communities and help develop businesses to create good jobs that people can count on. The transformation of Western Economic Diversification Canada into two separate new agencies focused on the Prairies and British Columbia recognizes that the economic drivers and conditions are different in each of the two regions, and that the entrepreneurs, innovators, institutions and communities have unique needs related to where they are located. located.

Budget 2021 is a plan to build a bridge between Canadians and Canadian businesses through the crisis and towards a strong recovery. He proposes to extend business and income support measures until the fall and to make investments to create jobs and help businesses in the economy get back on their feet. Budget 2021 is a plan that puts Canada on track to meet its commitment to create one million jobs by the end of the year.

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