New ‘rage index’ finds Prairie provinces angrier than other jurisdictions in Canada

A Toronto-based research firm has launched what it calls its “Rage Index,” which looks at the issues that are of most concern to Canadians right now.

Pollara Strategic Insights launched the monthly Rage Index on Monday and found that the topics that anger the majority of Canadians are recent news, inflation and the truck convoy.

“Right now, inflation and gas prices are the highest,” said Dan Arnold, chief strategy officer at Pollara.

“You have at least eight out of 10 people who are somewhat angry about this, and four out of 10 who are ‘very angry,'” he said.

The company surveyed approximately 2,000 Canadians between July 25 and August 2 to complete the survey.

The Rage Index found that the Prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba were the most frustrated, with 55% of respondents being generally “annoyed” or “angry” about the current situation in Canada.

Quebec seems to be the least disturbed, with 43% of respondents saying they are angry or bored.

Alberta was the second most angry province, according to respondents, with 53% saying they were angry, followed by Ontario at 51%, and followed by the Atlantic provinces and British Columbia which were tied with 49%.

In general, men and women reported being equally angry about living conditions in Canada, while middle-aged Canadians were the age group that reported the highest levels of anger.

Low-income and Canadian-born people were also angrier than their counterparts, according to the poll.

The Rage Index has a margin of error of 2.2%, 19 times out of 20, according to Pollara.

The full survey report is available on the Pollara Strategic Insights website.

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