Newfoundland has been hit by strong winds and it’s not over yet (PHOTOS)


A series of rainy and windy weather continues to sweep through some of Canada’s Atlantic provinces this Thanksgiving weekend, with Newfoundland particularly hard hit.

The Thanksgiving weekend began in a heatwave in parts of the province, The Weather Network (TWN) confirming that the wind gusts reached over 100 km / h in the area on Saturday, October 10.

TWN said the winds were part of a low pressure system that “quickly intensified” near the island.

“The strongest winds occurred before sunrise, with a gust of 111 km / h recorded at Bonavista and a gust of 104 km / h measured at St. John’s International Airport,” TWN said.

Several users even took to Twitter to share wild images of the wind.

The waters raged on Saturday in several regions.

Some even enjoyed taking pictures in intense weather.

As the winds calmed down throughout the day on Saturday, as the low persists near the island, most of Sunday is expected to remain fairly windy.

“Parts of eastern Newfoundland may continue to experience gusts of 70 to 80 km / h which will not abate until the evening,” TWN said.

Newfoundland also saw much cooler temperatures this weekend compared to the rest of the Maritime Provinces, but daytime highs are expected to improve just in time for Thanksgiving Monday before turning cooler than seasonal again for most of the day. of the week.

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