North Battleford overtakes Thompson as Canada’s most dangerous city

But northern Manitoba town again has Canada‘s worst score for crimes against people rather than property

The latest edition of Statistics Canada’s annual Crime Severity Index (CSI), based on 2021 crime statistics, contains some bad and some not-so-bad news for Thompson, Manitoba, one perennial contenders for the highest overall IGC among cities with more than 10,000 people.

On the not-so-bad side, Thompson didn’t have the highest overall CSI for 2021. That honor went to North Battleford, Sask., a town similar to Thompson that’s also among the communities with the worst CSI scores for the year. after year after year.

Thompson’s overall score for 2021 was 438.7, while North Battleford’s score was 480.7.

The average CSI score for Canadian cities is 75.3.

CSI scores are calculated using a formula that applies different weights to different types of crimes, depending on the relative severity of the sentences given to those convicted of them. According to this formula, which takes into account not only the number of crimes committed but the relative gravity of these crimes, a murder has much more weight than an assault, for example.

The silver lining for Thompson is that the city’s overall CSI score is lower than it was in 2020 when it was 452.5 and Thompson had the highest score of any city over 10 000 inhabitants.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the violent CSI, which only includes crimes against people and not property, Thompson has by far the worst score and it’s worse than last year.

Thompson’s violent CSI score for 2021 was 758, 10 times higher than the national average and more than 200 points were heard from second place North Battleford with a score of 518.4. Nor is it encouraging that the city’s violent CSI for 2021 was worse than in 2020, when it was 708.6.

However, the trend is better for non-violent crimes. Thompson’s nonviolent CSI was the second worst among cities with populations over 10,000 for the second year in a row, behind North Battleford for 2021, but its score of 322 was lower than 2020’s score of 359, 3.

Other western Canadian cities with above-average CSI scores include Alberta, at 128.7, and Kelowna, British Columbia, at 122.3, according to Statistics Canada.

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