Ontarians are now required to show proof of vaccination to access certain sites


TORONTO – Ontario’s new COVID-19 vaccination certificate system takes effect today.

Customers at restaurants, nightclubs, gymnasiums, sports facilities and other venues must present a full vaccination receipt along with government identification.

Doctors’ notes for medical exemptions will also be accepted.

Companies that do not comply with the checks required by the system and customers who give false information may be fined.

Premier Doug Ford has said he understands that some people fear their civil liberties will be violated.

But he says the biggest concern is seeing a sudden spike in infections and having to lock down the province again.

The province’s top public health doctor has called on Ontarians to be “kind and considerate” while the system takes effect.

Dr Kieran Moore also said he believes the system will lead to an increase in vaccinations, especially among people aged 20 to 39, as this cohort often frequents sites covered by the system.

Fines are possible for companies that do not comply with the controls required by the system, and for customers who give false information. But businesses, city officials, law enforcement and the province say the app will be smooth at first.

Companies have said they feel ready to implement the system, but are unsure how customers will react to it.

James Rilett, Restaurants Canada vice president for central Canada, said restaurants are “as prepared as they can get” but expect “business losses” and confrontations with some customers.

Ryan Mallough, senior director of Ontario affairs at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, said businesses have a “decent understanding” of what is required, but there is “some stress and strain. anxiety about what is happening at a time that is not going well ”.

While sites will first need to verify paper or digital vaccine receipts with identification, the province announced plans to launch a QR code and verification app for businesses on Oct. 22 to streamline the process.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on September 22, 2021.

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