Over 37,000 people have left Ontario for other provinces, and here’s where they’ve gone



Ontario residents are leaving the province, but where are they going? Statistics Canada Interprovincial migration data (Stat Can) for the second quarter of 2021 mainly shows the West. Here’s where people fleeing Ontario are heading during the pandemic.

Ontario lost more than 37,000 people to other provinces in just a quarter

Ontario residents have moved in unusually high numbers over the past year. Just over 37,200 people moved to other provinces in the second quarter of 2021, up 61% from the previous quarter. In the past year, more than 89,200 people in total have moved, up 13% from the previous year.

The growth rate of people leaving Ontario has outpaced its population growth. The number of departures is always lower than the population growth, which means that the total has not decreased. However, this still weighs on total growth.

So where are they going?

Ontario Interprovincial Migration Exits by Province

The number of people who left the province of Ontario and where they went.

Source: Stat Can; Better accommodation.

British Columbia is the number one destination for Ontarians moving to Canada

British Columbia (BC) is the number one destination for Ontarians moving to Canada. The province welcomed 9,700 people in the second quarter of 2021, or about 26% of the remaining total. In the past year, British Columbia welcomed 21,900 people, or about 25% of the share of interprovincial outings.

It should be mentioned that British Columbia has the largest net gain in interprovincial migration in the country. The province is not just winning people, it is not losing them. This will be an important point for the other provinces.

Alberta attracts people from Ontario, although it has lost people to other provinces

Alberta was the second biggest winner for people who moved from Ontario. The province received 7,600 people in the second quarter of 2021, or about 20% of the total share. In the past year, Alberta hosted 18,600 people, representing 21% of Ontario outings.

Remember, this is not about the net change, but simply about the influx the province has taken. Alberta has been successful in attracting a significant portion of Ontario exits. He also managed to lose even more people to other provinces, making him a net loser.

Share of Ontario’s interprovincial migration in outflows

The share that each province received from interprovincial outflows from Ontario.

Source: Stat Can; Better accommodation.

Quebec received 1 in 5 people fleeing Ontario

Quebec has succeeded in attracting the third highest proportion of people fleeing Ontario. The province received 6,800 people in the second quarter of 2021, or about 18% of the quarter’s share of migrants. This has pushed the number of people over the past year to 17,900 people, or 20% of the total.

An interesting note, the quarterly share is lower than last year’s share. This implies a deceleration of the trend, as more people have left for other provinces.

Nova Scotia welcomed 4,700 people from Ontario in a quarter

Nova Scotia is the fourth-largest destination for moving Ontarians. During the quarter, 4,700 people arrived in the second quarter of 2021, or about 13% of the share of Ontario residents who moved. This helped bring the total over the past year to 10,600 people, or 12% of Ontario’s interprovincial outflows.

Nova Scotia is just behind British Columbia in terms of the net gain from interprovincial migration. The province is both gaining and retaining talent. He had the opposite problem until a few years ago.

People move for a variety of reasons, but going out is usually bad news. Some think the net change is more important, but that doesn’t tell us much about who is moving. Interprovincial migrants could move from Ontario to Alberta due to the cost of living. But more people could leave Alberta due to a lack of job opportunities. The reshuffle occurs for a variety of reasons, but seeing increased discharge is a warning sign.

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