Popular Nova Scotia Resort Closes Temporarily As COVID-19 Cases Rise


A popular resort on the south shore of Nova Scotia has announced it will be closed until the end of the month as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise.

Nova Scotia has reported a high number of COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, due to the highly transmissible variant of Omicron.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, White Point Resort said some of its employees tested positive for the virus “after nearly two years of relentless effort and sacrifice.”

“We are now at the point where we believe it is necessary to do our part to help slow the spread of Covid-19, and close the property again,” the post read.

The property had closed in March 2020 just as the pandemic was starting. It reopened in June of the same year, but only to residents of the four Atlantic provinces – or the so-called Atlantic bubble.

The policy drew criticism the following summer, when fully vaccinated Canadians were allowed to come to Nova Scotia without any self-isolation requirements. The station quickly reversed its decision and resumed welcoming Canadians from outside the Atlantic region.

The publication said the resort will close Monday and remain closed until at least Jan.31, as it awaits more information from Premier Tim Houston and Dr Robert Strang, the province’s chief medical officer of health.

“We would like to thank you all for your continued support, and while this is not how we want to start 2022, we believe it is the safest thing for all of us to do,” the post said.

Dylan Meisner, managing director of White Point, declined a request for an interview.

837 new cases

Nova Scotia reported 837 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday.

There are 541 new cases in the central health zone, 133 in the east zone, 90 in the north zone and 73 in the west zone.

The province has issued abridged updates over the weekends that do not include current hospitalization figures.

Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health, Dr Robert Strang, said earlier this week the province will focus more on hospitalizations than the number of cases during this wave of the Omicron-induced pandemic.

As of Friday, there were 48 people hospitalized with the virus, including seven in intensive care.

The number of hospitalizations is much lower than that of the COVID-19 wave of last spring. More than 100 people were hospitalized in Nova Scotia with the virus last May.

Nova Scotia Health Laboratories performed 4,144 tests on Saturday.

Atlantic Canada Case Numbers

  • New Brunswick reported 201 new cases and one death on Sunday. There are 79 people hospitalized with COVID-19. There are 16 patients in intensive care.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador reported 367 new cases on Sunday for a total of 4,944 active cases. There are six people in the hospital.
  • Prince Edward Island reported 110 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday. Two people are hospitalized and treated for COVID-19, one in intensive care.


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