QR codes required on vaccination records in the future

Companies implementing the Restriction Exemption Program (REP) will now only accept proof of vaccination with a scannable QR code.

As of Monday, acceptable documents include:

– Alberta vaccination record with QR code

Canadian Armed Forces vaccination record

– First Nations vaccination record

– Vaccination records issued by other provinces and territories

– ArriveCan app for international travelers and valid international travel identity document

– Negative COVID-19 test paid privately within the previous 72 hours

– Valid proof of medical exemption

The province says the new QR-code vaccine record is more secure and easier for businesses to verify through a free app.

Albertans can receive a copy of their immunization record with a QR code at alberta.ca/CovidRecords, where they can use a screenshot of the QR code to display to REP companies or print the QR code.

Additionally, Albertans can also go to a registrar to get a free vaccine record with a printed QR code.

Companies will also verify the identity of customers to match the name and date of birth on adult immunization records.

Business assistance

Organizations can now also apply for a grant of $ 2,000 for businesses, co-ops and non-profit organizations implementing REP.

To be eligible, they must implement the REP consistently as part of their day-to-day operations, be a permanent establishment in Alberta, and employ less than 500 employees.

Updating COVID Statistics

At the end of the day on November 15, there were 72 active cases of COVID in Grande Prairie County and 125 cases in the city of Grande Prairie.

Vaccinations are still low compared to the provincial average of 87.9% with their first dose and 82.3% being fully vaccinated.

In West County, 54.9% of eligible people receive their first dose; 50.4 percent are fully immunized.

In East County, 58.9 percent have their first dose; 54.3 percent have both vaccines.

In the city of Grande Prairie, 60.7% have received their first dose and 55.5% are fully immunized.

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