Reactivate open pasture reserves


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It is popular belief that the president’s plan to seize the state land and then transfer them to Fulani herders

Therefore, it is not surprising that the harshest critics reacted to his decision.The governor Samuel Ortom said the move was to invite chaos and lawlessness.Governor Buhari threatened to bring Buhari to the court if he remained insistence on following through with the plan.

Nigeria Human Rights Lawyer and Sr. Legal Advocate Femi Falana said the fact that federal government provided an amount of 6.25billion Buhari the state in which he resides, Katsina to facilitate the establishment in the state.The government claims that it doesn’t have to rebuild the grazing reserves, the president was urged by Falana to make a similar allotment of 6.25 billion to other states similar to the one provided to Katsina.

Organisations such as Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the Coalition of Yoruba Self-Determination Groups have been in opposition to the return of reserves for pasture

In an announcement that was released, the Yoruba group called on the international community to hold federal government accountable in the event that the policy eventually results in the lawlessness that exists in Nigeria.The government should take care not to send out false signals at times. State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu demanded that herders who were not registered to go to Forest Reserves a months ago, the presidency resisted warning Akeredolu to reconsider his decision.The Forum of Southern Governors banned open grazing of cattle following the meeting held in Asaba in May of last year, Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami and Federation Attorney General called the ban illegal.According Malami, the ban on open cattle grazing.

It’s not like grazing is any other.In addition, the government came an idea for a new project known as RUGA in the year 2017.The idea was to secure parcels of land owned by the state to accommodate nomad herders.It would have schools and veterinary clinics, hospitals, hospitals roads, electricity, road networks, and markets, as well asmanufacturing companies which would make animal products.The concept behind this, as per the president was to stop open grazing and lessen conflicts between farmers and pastoralists, in addition to other.

A majority of Nigerians were against the plan

It was decided by the federal government to stop the plan in the year the year 2019.Prior to RUGA the government had thought of the possibility of reopening roads for grazing, as well as the establishment of a cattle colony as well as the establishment of a Fulani radio.The radio was intended to connect directly with Fulani wherever they are around the world to stop the endless conflict between farmers and herders.

It appears that the recent fed government actions are aimed at reducing conflicts that typically result between herders and farmers.But , reactivating pastures with open fields is not the solution.The majority of the time the farmer conflict has resulted in the inexplicably destruction of crops, and the killing of farmers.

There are, however, well-meaning northerners who do not support open pastures.The head of the national office of the MACA of Nigeria Senator Walid Jibrin for instance, is believed to have claimed that pasture grazing practiced by shepherds is outdated.He also praised the governors of the south for not allowing the practice.

It is clear that by approving renewal of grazing reserves the president acted against 1999 Constitution as well as the Land Use Act which entrusted all the state land to the governor.Already there are anti-open-grazing laws being enforced in states such as Abia, Ebonyi, Bayelsa, Ogun, Ekiti, Ondo, Oyo, Osun and Rivers.

The best method of raising livestock is to ranch. for raising livestock.It’s a reality on every continent with the exception of Antarctica.Breeders should be able to master the latest breeding techniques.For example, the Pampas regions, the Australian Outback and The Prairie provinces within Canada as well as the west United States are good examples.Pastoralists must also adhere to regulations governing business operations and acquisition of land in the state in which they conduct business.

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