Seeds Canada celebrates its first anniversary

Seeds Canada celebrated its first anniversary at the organization’s annual meeting in Winnipeg last month.

“We have made tremendous progress in our first year,” said Seeds Canada President Ellen Sparry. “Thank you for a successful event. Strengthening Canada’s supply chain is critical to our economy, our ability to feed ourselves, and our ability to feed the world.”

Seeds Canada is committed to continuing to work on the formulation of the Independent Standards Body (ISSB), a new entity aimed at simplifying and modernizing the regulatory environment surrounding seed production, variety registration and more .

“Crop varieties and innovations are not available to Canadian farmers under the current seed industry regulatory framework,” said Barry Senft, Managing Director of Seeds Canada. “A major multinational seed company withdrew its grain breeding business from Canada due to difficulties it was facing in getting its crop varieties to farmers.

The four-day Rooted for Growth conference brought together hundreds of seed growers, seed companies, industry professionals and government officials.

Seeds Canada was created in 2021 through the merger of the Canadian Plant Technology Association, Commercial Seed Analysts of Canada, the Canadian Seed Institute and the Canadian Seed Trade Association.

Throughout the week, conference attendees heard presentations from people representing all facets of the seed industry, nationally and globally.

“We are encouraged by your support of our efforts to improve the Canadian seed industry by creating a regulatory environment that encourages innovation, growth and stability,” added Senft. “We have already started to implement your comments on the ISSB and other initiatives. It was important for us to come together on seed regulatory modernization and the many other issues affecting our industry.

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