Smoke from the Northwestern United States and Canada floats over the Philadelphia area – NBC10 Philadelphia

Notice anything colorful at dusk and dawn?

Several fires burning on the West Coast are bringing a thick mass of smoke to the Philadelphia area heading into this weekend, according to NBC10 First Alert Weather forecasters, and it will continue to bring us beautiful sunrises and sunsets. .

Fires are currently burning in the northwest, primarily the Mosquito Fire over the Sierra Nevada east of the Sacramento area of ​​California. He also comes from states like Montana and Idaho.

Smoke from all the fires in the west has traveled through the winds into the upper levels of the atmosphere and has already reached the Midwest.

The smoke should not create air quality problems by staying higher in the atmosphere.

The Philadelphia area is expected to see the thick mass of smoke around the next day, though residents may have already noticed a light haze Thursday morning.

Just look at this sunrise photo that NBC10 First Alert Weather forecaster Steve Sosna captured:

You might notice these brilliant colors over the next few sunsets and sunrises as the smoky air continues to hover.

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