Steinbach MLA optimistic that plan to reopen Manitoba is coming soon


As other provinces announce reopening plans and targets, Steinbach MP and acting provincial health minister Kelvin Goertzen say Manitoba plans are in the works.

“I agree that the restrictions continue to cause frustration. It’s difficult when we see other provinces around us reopening, and with their plans to reopen, and we will also have a plan to reopen and you’ll see that relatively soon.

One of the issues for Manitoba is the third wave of COVID19 cases which arrived later than other provinces. Caught in the midst of enormous pressure on the healthcare system and the number of active cases on the rise, Goertzen says he is hearing from both those who want fewer restrictions and those who want more.

“There was a call from doctors in Manitoba to do a lockdown so everyone had to stay completely home. And I know there are many who support this and who were frustrated that it didn’t happen. I also know and hear a lot of people who are frustrated that there are still restrictions. And so I understand that there is frustration on all sides. ”

Dr Jazz Atwal, the province’s deputy chief public health officer, echoed the sentiments at a press conference on Friday, saying the priority was to overcome the current dire situation.

This week’s announcements from Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia all included multi-step plans to return to pre-pandemic life based on immunization levels and to maintain the number of cases and hospitalizations. stable. Some have restrictions that slowly disappear throughout the summer, while others, like Alberta, are taking a more aggressive approach and plan to be fully open in July.

Goertzen is optimistic that we will also come to a similar point. “We just have to get through this third wave, start the reopening plan, and I think that will give a lot more optimism.”

“ We’ve seen the evidence in other countries, and now we’re seeing the evidence in other provinces, and we’re actually seeing the evidence in Manitoba too, because there has been a good effect in our personal care homes. and a good effect in the north, generally where they had higher vaccination rates.

In neighboring Saskatchewan, they reached the second milestone of their “ roadmap to reopening ” this week, with 70% of the province’s population over the age of 30 having received at least their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Goertzen is hoping for much the same as the Premier hinted that plans to reopen Manitoba would be announced in the coming weeks.

‘I want to see him. I want it there too. It just has to be at the right time, but it’s not that far away. ‘

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