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The family of the Crown Princess of Sweden have released two new spring-themed images to mark Pentecost. Both photos were taken by Linda Broström outside the family’s home at Haga Palace this month.

One photo shows the happy family of four with their dog, Rio, while the second photo shows Princess Estelle, 9, and Prince Oscar, 5, lying in the flowers. Siblings match with denim jackets.

Linda Broström, Royal Court of Sweden

The images were shared on the royal family’s social media accounts with the message: “A long-awaited spring has blossomed in all its glory and Pentecost, the time of the rapture, has arrived. With these photos of a green Haga, the Crown Princess couple wish everyone a Happy Pentecost.

Pentecost is a Christian holiday that takes place 50 days after Easter Sunday. This marks the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples of Jesus after his ascension to heaven. This year it was celebrated on May 23.

Linda Broström, Royal Court of Sweden

Crown Princess Victoria’s next engagement is tomorrow, where she will attend the annual Nordic Museum and Friends of Skansen reunion. Prince Daniel’s next event will take place on Tuesday, where he will attend a virtual meeting with Employment Minister Eva Nordmark alongside the King, Queen and Crown Princess.

The royal family will celebrate the national day on June 6, but the royal court has yet to announce any plans. It’s unclear how the ongoing pandemic will impact the holidays.

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