The MétéoMédia – Cross-country ski mower delivers first snow delivery to the Prairies


Monday, November 8, 2021, 8:30 p.m. – A system that begins in the West will eventually cross the country this week, first bringing cold temperatures, snow and strong winds to the Prairies.

An Alberta mower soon to bear fruit will make a trip across the country, eventually merging with a Texas low, making a few stops in the snow along the way – looking to the Prairies as its first destination. The system will be comprised of energy from a “weather bomb” that is currently affecting British Columbia. The energy will spill over the Rockies, stirring a snow-capped Alberta mower by Wednesday morning. The region can expect to see considerable snowfall in a strip of northern, central and southern areas of all of the Prairie Provinces, as well as a gust of strong winds that can occasionally result in whiteout conditions. Travel impacts are expected, particularly along the Trans-Canada Highway. More information on when the snow and winds are happening, and what to expect, below.

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As northern Alberta will begin to see snow pushing late Tuesday evening, with up to 5cm possible, the clipper will develop over Saskatchewan early Wednesday morning bringing snow, mix and strong winds before settling in. head east to Manitoba by Thursday.


The system will produce up to 5-10cm of snow for northern and central Saskatchewan, then hit central and southern Manitoba with even higher amounts – with areas south of Dauphin, Manitoba reaching maybe 20 to 25 cm when it leaves. .

Southern Alberta will not see much rainfall from the mower.

In addition, there could be a mix in parts of southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Wednesday and Thursday. For this reason, an exact measurement of accumulations may not be possible due to intermittent melting.

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Winds will aggravate the snow, which will start to intensify Tuesday evening along the Alberta foothills, extending as far as Medicine Hat. Widespread winds of 60 to 70 km / h on Wednesday afternoon will be felt in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in the evening as the clipper approaches.

Whiteout conditions will be possible, so motorists should be careful before setting off on the roads. Significant impacts on travel are expected along the Trans-Canada Highway.


Temperatures will be pretty cool for the duration of the mower, with single-digit highs Wednesday and Thursday for most areas and some places not even exceeding freezing.

Conditions will improve from west to east from Alberta on Thursday, followed by Saskatchewan and Manitoba on Friday.

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