Travis Toews speaks about the health care crisis, affordability and more at a barbecue rally in his hometown

Toews addressed the health care crisis occurring not only in rural Alberta, but across the province.

The Opposition NDP released on Wednesday August 10 that Alberta Health Services had to cut bed capacity or cut services in 30 communities including; High Level, Fort Vermilion, Peace River, Fairview, Spirit River, Beaverlodge, McLennan, High Prairie, Slave Lake and Wabasca.

“We have a capacity crisis in Alberta overall. This is most felt in rural Alberta.

He thinks that there are a lot of qualified personnel who do not work in the industry, because of the accreditation criteria.

“We currently have thousands of internationally trained health care workers in Alberta and given the state of health care, we need a way to integrate them as quickly as possible, obviously in a way responsible, but as soon as possible,” he added. is critical.

Other priorities for Toews include increasing the number of health professions seats in post-secondary institutions and trying to move AHS to a more decentralized decision-making model.

“Highly centralized models disengage frontline people. This has been happening at AHS for, I believe, too long.

He notes that he has spoken with many out-of-country licensed and trained healthcare workers who have not been able to obtain residency or internship in their home province and need to do so. somewhere else.

Make life more affordable

MP Toews was the former finance minister and is proud to have been the person who suspended the fuel tax at petrol pumps earlier this year, which was mentioned several times throughout his campaign .

He says that if he is to become Prime Minister, he will make this program permanent.

“Albertans can take advantage of their own resource, so whenever energy prices go up, this fuel tax can be suspended and reversed.

The GDL scheme would be canceled under a Toews Premiership with Child Tax Credit where relief would come to parents based on each household.

Gun licensing takes over from Ottawa

Toews says he wants to regain control of gun ownership and rights if he becomes prime minister.

He says that since the appointment of a chief firearms officer in the province, it has been positive.

“By doing this, Alberta has a lot more direction on gun use and tone for gun users.”

“But right now the licensing process, the transfer process…all of this administrative process is being conducted out of Ottawa and they’re failing, the timelines are way too long.”

He wants the responsibility to become one for our chief firearms officer.

“We think that’s something very doable and that we can administer the program much more efficiently, make sure gun owners’ issues are addressed, and bring an Albertan perspective to all of this.”

Toews notes that he doesn’t know of any other provinces or territories that have done the same thing he intends to do.

Previous experience an asset

When asked what he thought he had done better than other leadership candidates, he responded with his examples of past roles and successes as finance minister, with the help of Albertans.

“We took a province that was really in the middle of a fiscal wreck and brought the province to fiscal responsibility with balanced budgets through fiscal plans.”

He says Alberta is expected to lead the country in economic growth this year and next year, “good things are happening!

“I believe Alberta needs strong, principled, proven leadership…I think that’s absolutely essential.

“We are going to need leadership within our United Conservative Party that can unite the movement and be the best option for Albertans in the spring 2023 election.”

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